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Urgently share the Gospel with a world in need of Hope.  Your gift will be used where most needed in the work of
International Association of Ministries, Inc.



Where Needed Most
Your gift helps IAM with the resources to fulfill our mission of reaching the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Geoff & Holly Peabody
A Safer Community Firearms Training

A ministry creating a safer community by dismissing ignorance and replacing it with insite. A safe and fun friendly introduction to the basic knowledge skills and attitude necessary for using a handgun, safely, compliantly and competently.  Guns are the excuse, but Christ is the objective.


Tiffany Paige
Artisan Mind
Using creative arts to connect the heart and mind of those living with
Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairments

Bill & Lee Coibion
Bill Coibion Ministries (email wcoibion@gmail.com)
Discipleship for men and women individually is the only antidote to fatherlessness. To break it's cycle, a pilot discipleship program at William Jessup University allows me to work with freshmen (20 men and 20 women) through their graduation.

Kevin & Tanya Gibbs
Chaplains Care Mission (email apostlegibbs3@gmail.com)
Assisting veterans who cannot afford to live the life they deserve, by providing
* homeless intervention program 
* shelter for involuntarily displaced or may lose their family
* post-traumatic stress disorder and readjustment counseling
* transportation and financial care

Aric & Rhona Resnicke
Christian Business Roundtable
Sharpening Christians in business, from the inside out.

Challenging, attracting and equipping Christians to lead from a Biblical Worldview MORE...

Shari Bonnard
City Gates Pray
We equip, organize and mobilize communities to assemble in prayer;  lifting up those without Christ, our churches, neighbors, families and community leaders. Our prayer is that all will grasp how deep and immeasurable the impact of "remaining steadfast in prayer" is, in this lost and hurting world.

Darryl Schmidt
Convergent (email Darryls@elifeadventure.org)
Exploring the frontier where faith-based values, technology and future generations converge to equip individuals to impact their communities.

Dan & Gina Pantano
Dan Pantano Ministries (email danp@iamm.net)
Dan, a Singer/Songwriter/Speaker, has spoken and performed throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, a dozen European Countries, China and Peru.  Back in IAM's first days, Dan co-founded IAM with Dave.

Dave & Gail Harrison
Dave Harrison Ministries
Dave is the Executive Director of IAM and Christian Leadership Institute. 
He is also the primary co-founder of IAM.

Cecille Valloria
Flowers for Elders
One of the riches God has blessed us with are flowers.  In every delicately designed blossom, you can behold God's amazing creativity.  We bring God's floral creations to those who are in convalescent hospitals.

Barbara Wilson
Freedom Bound Communications
Bringing Hope and Healing to a sexually broken and wounded world.

Gracie Davis
Grace For Others (email equigrace1@verizon.net))
Serving through a relationship with Jesus Christ by meeting physical needs for food, clothing, friendship, recovery from addictions, incarceration, and victimization.

Chris Androkitis
Hands in Motion
We provide classrooms for children that incorporate tactile learning through the use of their hands.  Construction, building, computer, automotive and engine trades so that we can share that Jesus is Lord.

Donna Eckwortzel
Hearts Landing (email donnae@surewest.net))
Our mission is to expose young people to the consequences of engaging in risky behaviors.

Luz Johnson
His Beloved Ministries (email URHisBeloved@gmail.com)
Pouring out the passionate love that God has for His children and helping others deepen their relationship with Him through Scripture and grace.

Dorothy J. Lee
His Magnificence Christian Ministries (email honor355@gmail.com)
We are walking in the balance of the Spirit by ministry to the Body of Christ’s leaders, and raising up new leaders who will be faithful, anointed and growing in Christ.

Joseph & Pamela Talancon
His Streets Ministries (joe@hisstreetsministries.org)
We are a ministry that supportts churches, ministries, organizations and businesses to reach a ommunity that is in desperate need:  clothes, food, furniture and spiritual healing!

Ron & Chris Harder

Hope, Healing and Help
A faith based outreach that provides insight about the grief journey and comfort for the bereaved.  We also have a radio program that gives you Hope for the future, Healing for your grief and Help on your journey.  Listen from anywhere:  www.iHeart.com or www.KFIA.com

Rob & Maria
Focused on youth athletics and arts academy, coaching and performing/competing opportunities for kids 6-18 while sharing the gospel.

Kevin & Tanya Gibbs
Kingdom Lifestyle Ministries (email apolstlegibbs@gmail.com)
“Living life God’s way”  We have a passion for establishing Kingdom Culture in the life of the believer through love, lifestyle and character, teaching that Christians belong to a higher unique “culture” of Heaven. Jesus' allegiance was to the Kingdom of God, with a  culture of its own.

Brian Hughes
Learn of Me (email bhsurfrep@gmail.com)
Deeper study of God\'s word, especially in a way that the ten or twenty year Christian can go away from and really realize spiritual gains in their walk.

Sherree Smith
Lighten my Load (email lightenmyload1@gmail.com)
ministry providing household and handgyman services to the elderly and single women in need.

Anthony & Anuradha Seanoa
Love's Mandate
We inspire, encourage, and equip those in an evangelistic ministry who minister the Word of God around the globe.  We serve orphans in third world countries such as India, to reach their full potential in Christ.

Brady & Theresa Yount
Make It Count (batmanbrady@yahoo.com)
A group of kids has a place to belong. We teach a work ethic, how to choose a positive attitude, respect, responsibility, integrity, opportunity and rewards.

Dave & Rose Wertheim
Men U for Transformed Lives  
Helping men experience transformed lives through discipleship and spiritual growth. Books, speaking engagements, and consulting including: retreats, breakfasts, and workshops.

Nadine Huffman
Mentors for Kids (email: agapehouse39@yahoo.com)
Bringing a listening ear and the hope of Jesus Christ through mentoring children whose lives have been affected by the incarceration of a parent(s).

Keith & Nancy Young
Metro Care Link (email keith.p.young@comcast.net)
Assisting churches to get their people into their community to share the love of Jesus.

Stephen & Pamela Smith
Overcomers Christian Counseling (email ssmith1462@att.net)
We help people be Overcomers through Christ and victorious Children of Light. We offer professional counseling led by the Spirit of Christ. Relationships, family, career, addictions, stress, abuse, and health-related issues. Christians overcoming deep personal wounds and issues that have tried numerous other approaches with very limited success.

Vicki Fitzgerald
P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Rrelated Trauma in Youth) is a program designed to promote injury prevention through reality education.  We focus mainly on freshmen and sophomores enabling them to recognize risks and make informed choices about activities and behaviors.

Bob & Kathy Rawleigh
Rawleigh Ministries
Experience Thru Music - The Life Changing Power of Love

Eric & Shanee Euren
Riverside Christian Church
We have a passion for making disciples, equipping Christians, teaching apologetics and eschatology, and evangelism.  We desire to make much of Jesus and share the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.

Rob & Karyn Dirkse
Serve Partnerships Unlimited
Connecting, Equipping and Mobilizing Christ followers to serve, as one Body, the physical and spiritual needs of our communities.

Matthew Johnson
Socks From the Heart (email socksfromtheheart@gmail.com)
...a ministry based on being the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need. Started in 2011, Socks from the heart has donated about 6,000 pairs of socks to those in need in Sacramento and Placer County.

Joee & Dave Johnson
Stronghold of God Ministries
We equip, minister and unite Christians to assist all ages in being set free from oppression, trauma, or sickness.  Our promised victory in Jesus Christ brings us the tools of praying for physical and inner healing, as well as bringing deliverance.

Christina Ortega
Teen Mom Connection
Teen Mom Connection provided a mentor who paved the way for me. Not only did I give my life to Jesus, I didn't know who He was before my involvement in TMC. I am now the Kid's Pastor at my home church and I assumed the role of directing TMC. We are doing some new things and keeping some of the old. We now partner with the Elk Grove Unified School District's "Teen Mom Program" and a federal program called "First Time Mommies".

Larry & Lori Hill
The Dokimos Project
Ministering to those in the marketplace.

Stephen & Nanette Lindner
EveryONE Matters Ministries (email stevelindner1@gmail.com)
We provide transitional housing to the homeless.

Kathleen & Germain Braaten
Heart 2 Heart Marriages, Lifebridge Counseling
We take couples on a transforming journey that has brought hundreds of couples closer together in ways they never thought possible. “Restoring Hearts and Releasing The Adventure of Destiny!”

Kevin & Sabra Hill
Legacy Church Resources
Committed to developing Free Marriage and Discipleship Resources, which are available online, for churches all over the world to use.

Barb Marshall
Love Your Life Minstries

We currently reach over 12 million potential viewersship with THE REAL DEAL TV with BARB, a radio show in greater Sacramento area and 130 countries.  Barb Marshall is all about powering you up with the plans that God has for you!  ...to fulfill and dare you to believe big.  ...get to know your destiny, activate your faith, refine and excel...

Holly Eaton
Holly Eaton Biblical Counseling (email hollysmitheaton@comcast.net)
To provide an atmosphere of safety for hurting people, to be healed and empowered to align their beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and relationships with God's truth, as revealed in Scripture, experiencing His design for their lives.

rik frye
rik frye, 
urban missionary (email rik@hopefor805.com)

Serving Ventura as a care pastor and a chaplain to those in need.

Nathan MacCormack
Toward the Goal Fund
Distributing the Bible and Toward the Goal -- a comprehensive discipleship devotional that standardizes and streamlines the discipleship process -- and providing long-term, self-sustaining solutions to the greatest physical needs worldwide.

April De Pretis
Youth With A Mission
Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives
(email aprilywam@hotmail.com)
April, a missionary, oversees local anti-human trafficking efforts, sharing God's heart of love and justice through prevention and outreach for those exploited through sex and/or labor trafficking. 

Pastor Patience Jackson and Apostle David Jackson
Apostolic Powerline Bible Church, Inc (email patjacks2@yahoo.com)

Dr. Max D. Antoine
Church of God of Toussaint Louverture (email 1race1god@gmail.com))

Sahil Saleem

John Amihere
Spiritual Revival Ministry (email pastorjamihere@yahoo.com))


Christian Leadership Institute


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