Starting and building a ministry (or moving from an existing ministry to form another) is not for everyone, but if you have it in your heart, IAM will provide the support systems you need to succeed and grow.

Ministries and causes under IAM receive virtually every legal and corporate provision necessary to carry on a successful ministry. As a member you are immediately considered a non-profit 501(c)3 Corporation. No waiting time, no state and federal regulations to sort through to submit and await acceptance. We take care of your banking, payroll, donor receipts, liability insurance, employee tax, etc. You receive regular summaries on your expenses, income and donor giving. All you have to do is minister.

Because you are a member of a ministry community you can share ideas, network, collaborate on projects and increase your skills as a ministry leader. You also have access to mentors and coaches with years of experience in ministry and business. Additionally, there is opportunity to receive training in leadership and ministry practices which will further enhance your confidence and skills.

Do you already have a 501(c)3? You can become an IAM Affiliate and connect with a wider community of ministry leaders benefiting from the added advantages mentioned above.

Professional recognition through IAM Licensing and Ordination for ministry is also available for members and affiliates who meet certain guidelines.

Your next step...

International Association of Ministries will encourage, support and do all the good we can to help ministries grow and thrive. If you would like to apply as a member or as an affiliate,

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