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International Association of Ministries, Inc.
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(A $35 Application Fee is required.  Once received, the application will be forwarded to our Regional Council for further consideration.)


ATTENTION:  Please fill out this ENTIRE application.
Leaving answers blank or unchecked will slow the process of our getting to know you in order to render an adequate and timely decision.

Please indicate which of the following is appropriate:
  I would like to connect with someone.  For more information regarding IAM, please contact MoreInfo@iamm.net

I am applying for IAM as an Affiliate - with my own separate 501(c)3 or another non-profit corporation.

I am applying for IAM Membership - under the IAM 501(c)3 non profit charter.
  If you are applying for Ministerial License or Ordination:  CLICK HERE

  • Step 2... HELP US GET TO KNOW YOU (and how to contact you)

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(If you are applying to be an AFFILIATE of IAM, having your own 501(c)3, the following questions can be answered in a sentence or two. If you are applying to be a MEMBER under the IAM 501(c)3 charter, your answers to 1-5 should be substantially longer, explaining details and more depth.)

  1. How did you come to Christ?

  2. How would you describe your current relationship with Christ?

  3. Have you taken courses or completed education including Bible school, college, and/or any seminars in ministry?
    Yes No

  • About Your Ministerial Status...  Are you currently Licensed or Ordained for ministry? Yes No


    What is your purpose and mission? Include in your response, answers to the following as well as any additional information:

    • What need are you meeting?

    • In what ways will this be evangelistic?

    • How long have you been involved in this type of ministry?

    • In what way(s) do you think IAM can help you fulfill your mission?

    If you...

    1.) Wish to formally request affiliation with International Association of Ministries at this time, and
    2.) You have answered the above questions in the affirmative,
    3.) You may sign, date and submit STEP 1 & 2.
    4.)  At that time, you will be instructed through STEP 3 Application Fee (required for consideration).

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