Dreams & Visions

These are the things I believe God is calling us to do. When and how, I do not yet know, but he will show me, you, us in any order and time. The result will be wonderful.

If you're reading this, chances are you are a visionary. Please join us in this great adventure, as we unite in


New IAM Regions

IAM Sacramento has between 20-30 ministry members at any one given time. Some ministries close down, others spin off forming their own non profit. On average, in spite of these yearly changes, we impact approx. 175,000-200,000 people with a need meeting, hurt healing and hope restoring effort each year.

It's time we franchise this vision and mission.

I believe we could have 1,000 regions like ours in the US alone, and this can, God willing, happen within the next 10-20 years or less.

I have been praying for some time about Southern California and believe God will help us plant one somewhere in that area over the next 18 months.

Good Seed Society

While the leaders of each ministry trust God and work hard to help people, and they are successful at it, there are many ways we can help them grow and prosper even more.  We could help them with funding strategies, social media campaigns to let the community know they are there and ready to help, volunteer recruitment and support, or board selection and support.  A few other educational and coaching programs would build greater stability and long-term success.

It will take approximately $2500 per participating ministry, assuming they contribute also in the first year.

Establishing a society of individuals and groups that will fund this program and pray for their designated ministry throughout the year will add a tremendous boost to these great ministry leaders and the communities they reach.

Strategic Partners

In every community there are Christian professionals who can lend a hand in their area of expertise once or twice a year. Website Designers, Graphic Artists, Advertising Specialists, leadership Consultants and Coaches, Social Media Specialists, printers, attorneys, accountants and many many more.

In January, we are launching a Strategic Partner Membership Program specifically to identify, enlist and partner with these professionals.

I see this as much more than "a volunteer your time and experience" initiative. These men and women will become a vital part of the entire local and national mission of IAM. 

IAM Music, The Arts, Members Position Finders and more...

Are all on our mental vision board. Everything we do is to meet a need, heal and build hope in both the healthy and hurting. Size only matters when needs are great. May the Lord grow us up to and beyond our capacity, for the needs are vast and the harvest is ripe.

If you have suggestions, are willing and able to help, or know someone who can please let us know....

Dave Harrison


Christian Leadership Institute


Dreams & Visions

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